Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rain gutter Book Shelves

We have loads of kids books around here and I needed a good way to display some of our more frequent reads.  Something that my 3 year old could easily access, something cute, and inexpensive.  The answer:  Rain gutter book shelves!  These absolutely fit the bill.  They look like crown molding, and are surprisingly sturdy.  

With the help of my husband of course, we had these up in less than an hour.  We just measured and cut to the size we wanted.  If I remember right, this is only one length of rain gutter, cut to 3 shelves!  One length is around $6!  The end caps are $2 or $3 a piece; but the total cost is still very inexpensive.  We used 3 anchors and screws  to attach them to the wall and they have worked perfectly!  I love them so much I think I'm going to put one above each girls bed for their bedtime reading.