Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Easy chalkboard sign

Have you tried chalkboard paint?  It is so fun!  I have seen recipes for making your own chalkboard paint in any color, oh the possibilities!  I plan to try making my own sometime, but for now I have the pre made paint from the hardware store.  Ready for the easiest chalkboard sign ever?
  • Thin piece of wood
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hooks
  • Twine
I primed my board, and painted it with two coats of the chalkboard paint.  Then I just screwed these eyelet hooks into the top, strung some twine between the two and DONE!
 Here is the same sign at my sisters wedding reception:
And here's what I have on it today:

 I am loving the chalkboard look!

Kids easel makeover

This easel needed a small makeover.  The chalk side didn't really work anymore.  The other side was a whiteboard and pretty scratched.  I'm not a big fan of whiteboard for kids,  markers are always risky and used in places they are not supposed to be used; or the markers just get lost, ruined, or dried out.  I decided on chalkboard for both sides.
 I was not sure if painting over whiteboard would work, but good news:
Whiteboard can be painted!
Step 1:  Clean really well with a de-greaser.
Step 2:  Sand with 80 grit sandpaper to really rough it up.
Step 3:  Tape it off.
Step 4:  Prime!
Step 5:  Paint with chalkboard paint, two coats.
To break the fresh chalkboard in, color over the whole thing with the side of some chalk:
 Then erase and let the kids at it!  We've used this for a yard sale sign and at my sisters wedding.  My girls also use it for their summer lemonade stands, playing school, and just doodling. Our easel is as good as new!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Burlap and Lace - Wedding reception!

It's been a crazy few months of little blogging and lots of reception crafting and planning.  I have loads of catch up to do.  My sisters reception turned out BEAUTIFUL!  It was awesome to see months of ideas and plans finally come to life! (It was also stressful, man what a busy day!)  I think we were able to really capture my sisters vision and make it real.  I'll post some tutorials and details over the next couple weeks, but here's the re-cap!
This truck has been in the plans from the beginning, I'm absolutely in love with it (and that guy driving it : )

The cake table, which were cheesecakes.  Barn doors, burlap, lace, lemons.

Dollar store doily banner

Meckenna (bride) didn't want real flowers on the cakes, so after multiple tries and ideas, this is what we chose.  I made these burlap flowers the same way I made the fabric head band flowers here.  We love how they turned out!

Billy balls, and Baby's breath

Awesome old crate with bunches of flowers.  Yellow Alstromeria, white Daisies, and Baby's breath

Cards went in this birdcage.

Awesome hanging balls which we did NOT make.  They were huge and gorgeous and I was told the biggest one took about 8 hours to make.  So glad we were able to rent them for like $30!  They looked so fabulous!

These were the centerpieces on each table.  Mason jars wrapped in burlap and lace with a vintage key tied with some jute.  I designed the frames, my mom cut and routed them, Meckenna painted them, then I roughed them up to finish.  Love them!

My oldest, Adrianne, always happy to model for me.  I made the girls head bands to match their skirts and the wedding colors.
My talented mom made the girls skirts, and I made the yellow lace leggings (that barely survived the night, on a side note : ) They looked so cute!

The signing table.

Where the truck was posed.  Gifts in back, Otter pops in front.  Notice the farm/country atmosphere and barn in the background.  This place is amazing!

The bride's birdcage veil that she designed and made.  Beautiful!

Billy ball boutonniere.

The view behind the tables, awesome truck and barn.  Such a great place!  

I forgot to take a good picture of the Bride's bouquet.  I did all the flowers and the bouquet was the most fun!  It had a big vintage brooch on the front.  Hopefully the real photographer caught a good picture of it.

This is the best picture I have of the Bridesmaid's dresses.

See the bouquet and the girls skirts and leggings!  (And most of us making weird faces for this candid shot..)

Another funny candid shot, but look at the super awesome background!
  Planning was a lot of fun, (and work)  and such a great creative outlet for me, but I will say I'm so glad it's over!  Everything was beautiful including the Bride and Groom, and they will now live happily ever after!