Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Paint chip egg banner

One of my favorite places to just wander around is the Home Depot or Lowes.   Wood, paint, gardening, wire, chains, knobs, ropes - so many project possibilities!  This time I got out with just a few paint chips;  free and also full of possibilities!  I made a quick Easter egg banner.

I traced a plastic egg  and just cut them out!

 I used tape to stick them to a strand of ribbon.

And that's it!  Just right for some Easter color : )

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Printed burlap monogram

This is a project I guest posted a couple weeks ago over at Dream Crafter.  It's so fun and easy I had to share it here too!

Printed Burlap + DIY Beadboard Frame

Here's what you'll need:
Freezer Paper
Bead board Wallpaper

First, cut a piece freezer paper to 8 1/2  by 11 so it will run through the printer.   Then, iron the freezer paper to the burlap, with the waxy side against  the burlap.
 Next place the freezer paper sheet in your printer and print whatever design you choose! (If you look closely at the pictures you'll see I didn't follow my own instruction and ended up taping my freezer paper to an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet - that works too.)

Isn't that cool?!
Now you can place your custom burlap in or on a frame of your choice!

I wanted a bead board frame, but couldn't find one I liked with a price I liked 
so I'll show you how I made this one!
 I just grabbed a $3.99 (Hobby Lobby) wood frame in my stash and used white wood glue to cover it with bead board wallpaper.  (You can get bead board wallpaper in a roll at Lowe''s just waiting for me to put it on a wall)
I let the bead board cover the picture opening and all.  Then I painted it black.
 Last, I used gloss finish Mod Podge to give it a good finished look and also to attach the burlap.

Let it dry and that's it!  Custom burlap art!  I'm like 100% likely to be printing on burlap again and again :)

 (If you're thinking - "didn't she use burlap in like 20 other projects already?"  Uh-the answer is yes!  I may have a slight obsession with burlap : )

Check out this burlap Easter egg,  burlap Spring Wreath, burlap pumpkins, Christmas burlap swag, printed burlap pillow,  JOY banner,  AND  Burlap and lace wedding reception!!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Bird Nest

Have you watched our Spring Wreath video?  If not, check it out here!  We showed how to make this cute bird nest.  All the supplies needed are from the Dollar store!
What you need to make one too:
small bowls
bag of moss/grass
glue gun
Just hot glue the moss/grass on and in the bowl until it is covered. That's it!  Add some eggs and it's ready for display.  I put one on  the Spring wreath, and one on this little pedestal.  

Happy Spring!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ribbon Flower Headband

I have 4 little girls.  That means, yes there is some drama around here, but more inline with this post,  there is an outrageous amount of bows and headbands in our bathroom!  I'm pretty certain I have gone overboard with our hair accessory situation.  Lots of styles, in doubles (for pigtails, of course: ) and in lots of colors.  But I have not spent a fortune!  Very little actually, because I have made almost all of them.  Most are super simple to make!  We've put together a quick video tutorial to make this cute ribbon flower headband:

Here's all you need:
ribbon (I used grosgrain)
needle and thread
felt circle
hot glue gun

Easy! In true Melanie fashion,  I've done a few colors of these!  My older girls really love headbands, but this could easily be glued to an alligator clip instead of a headband : ) 

A couple quick tips:  The Dollar Store carries the headband I used.  They come in a pack with different colors - for a buck!!!  They are as good as any I've seen too!  My favorite place to buy ribbon is The Ribbon They have tons of colors, types and their prices are awesome.  
Have a great day!
-Melanie : )

Click here to see how to make fabric flower headbands

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Embroidered Spring Pillows {Guest blogger} Dream Crafter!

 Big Welcome to Ali from Dream Crafter!  She is brilliant and here to share yet another brilliant idea for some super cute Spring Pillows!

Hi everyone! I'm Ali and I am from Dream Crafter. I can't believe I get the honor of doing a guest post for Find It, Make It, Love It. Seriously, dream come true....and that's coming from the Dream Crafter... so that is saying something. Ok...cheesy joke. I know. I'm sort of a cheese. Anyway...

There is something about Martha Stewart's stuff that I just love. Maybe its the fact that almost everything she makes looks like it would fit into my dream country farm-house. Or maybe I just love it because its...purdy. :)

A while back I got this book from the library that was a Martha Stewart sewing and embroidery encyclopedia. I found these amazing bird and bug templates in the back and saw that she embroidered them on a pillow. I wanted to rip out the page and tape it to my existing pillows I loved them so much. But instead I just made me some.

Here is what you will need:

A pillow to cover (either an existing one or one from Goodwill or something), embroidery floss, pencil, enough fabric to cover your pillows, needle, printer.


First decide on what pillow you are going to cover. (I actually bought my pillows from the D.I.)

Next, cut your fabric so that you can sew an envelope with make things easier, just watch this video. Its a really good tutorial on how to sew an envelope pillow if you don't already know how.

If you don't know what an envelope pillow is they look like this on the back:

So get your fabric cut as shown in the video. (I'm more a visual learner so I thought the video would be more helpful than a bunch of pictures.)
Wow...I can cut really straight...

Now you need to use your printer and decide what you want to sew on your pillows. There are 18 different birds to choose from that are all SO cute. Click here to scroll through the birdy options. I chose to use the scissor-tailed flycatcher, the Oklahoma state bird.

Now select "File," "Print." Select which page you want printed and just print that one page. It will print with all four birds on the one page. So cut out your desired bird and put it on your copy machine. Select "enlarge". Now enlarge the photo on your copier until it is the desired size. I ended up enhancing mine by almost 400 percent and I needed to tape 4 pages together to get the right sized bird for my pillow.

As you can see, I chose to use white fabric. I did this so that I wouldn't have to use transfer paper and I could just set my bird picture right under the fabric and trace it with a pencil. I used white muslin, but a white cotton would also work fine. If you want to use a dark fabric and stitch with a white embroidery floss you need to transfer your image using transfer paper. I don't know how to do that so, don't ask me. :) But I do think that would make a gorgeous picture.

Now choose your embroidery floss color. I chose to use a dark navy blue since my living room colors are white, navy, grey and yellow. The color number I used was 930. Now thread up that needle and start stitching. *I found it much easier to use an embroidery hoop but do whatever floats your boat. 

In the Martha Stewart tutorial, they say to use the chain stitch. I hate the chain stitch. I think it's beautiful but it takes way too long for me. I have toddlers people. I wanted this project finished before next year. :) I just used the good ole back stitch. You can get good accuracy with it and the lines look clean. 

Finish your embroidering and sew your pillow up using that you tube video as your guide. 

If you also want to do a bug pillow like mine, you can use these templates. 

I love that I have new spring pillows for my living room. It really brightens it up. I call them my "Birds and Bugs" pillows. :) 

As always, Happy Crafting!


Thank you Ali!  Be sure to visit Ali at Dream Crafter for more adorable ideas!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Wreath--First video tutorial!!

It's our first video tutorial!  We're pretty excited!  Take a look : )


1 foam pipe insulation tube - ($.98)
Duct tape - (from garage)
Burlap - ($2.50 or less/yd.)
Small plastic bowls - ($1.00)
Artificial moss - ($1.00)
Small eggs - ($1.00)
Paint chips - (free!)
Hot glue gun and glue
Baker's twine or string

With everything this wreath is UNDER $10 for sure!  

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A Rainbow and a Pot 'O' Gold

This project is so inexpensive!  I think it turned out pretty cute!
I used a terra cotta pot and base, a wood finial, and an empty candle jar.  All inexpensive supplies.
I painted the pot, base and finial white.  While they dried I filled my candle jar with chocolate gold wrapped coins and rainbow colored Sixlets.  I got both of these at Zurchers party store.  I think Skittles would be cute too! I didn't get quite enough candy to get the layered rainbow look, so I ended up putting a paper towel tube in the center of the jar.

 I used E6000 glue to attach the finial to the lid and the jar to the pot.  Then I added some green ribbon and DONE!

My kids can't wait to eat the rainbow and reach the Pot 'O' Gold at the bottom!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Burlap Easter Egg

I absolutely have Spring Fever!   I squealed out loud when I saw these in my yard a couple days ago -

TULIPS!  And weeds.....but more importantly.....TULIPS!  And my heart did a back flip!  It's really happening!  Spring is coming : )
With Spring comes Easter!  (Best candy of the year, don't you think?!)  So let me share a quick project I put up for this yummy holiday.

 I found a printable template for an egg online then traced and cut my burlap.
I glued the paper egg template to the burlap to give it some stability.
Then I just added some ribbon to decorate my egg.  (This took me a loooong time to decide on, I messed with so many different ribbons before I felt like I loved it.)
Last I glued it to the wood plaque.

Hooray for Easter!  And burlap!  I hope you are enjoying the warmer temperatures as much as we are:)

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Change is good!

Welcome to the new Listfully Blissful!   I'm so glad you stopped by!  Small confession here:  the crafty/diy side of this bloggy world, I've got down;  it's the techie department that is a serious mental strain for me!  Not the worst confession ever, but I hope you will be patient as I figure things out! 

I'm making some improvements to the overall site (taking a little while...note confession above : ) but the best improvement by far is my new partner! My darling sister in law Steffany is now on board with me.  And let me tell you, she is creativity at it's finest. I adore her and I know you will too!  We've got so many plans and ideas we can't wait to share!  We are even going be doing a bunch of video tutorials to go along with many projects.  It's going to be AWESOME!

We'll get our 'About'  page up soon so you can get to know Find it, Make it, Love it a little better!
We hope you'll stick around and follow along with us as we start this new chapter!!!