New Year Time Capsule + Printable

New Year Time Capsule (1)

Happy Holidays everyone!  We are so excited for Christmas THIS week and before we know it, it will be 2015! So today we’re sharing a really fun tradition for the New Year.  We shared this over at a couple weeks ago.  Make sure you click over to Jordan’s blog-you will not be disappointed! As we [...]

Cereal Box Trees & Magazine Clippings Art

Cereal box trees and magazine clipping art (2)

We are rocking this week with Christmas posts!  The fact is, we are running out of time to share all things Christmas-can you believe it?!  It’s serious countdown time until the big, magical day! But today, we bring you garbage.  Ha!  Seriously though,  cereal boxes turned to trees and magazine clippings as art.  My girls [...]

DIY Rustic Tree Stand

DIY Rustic tree stand

Yesterday we shared a tutorial for a Rustic Tree Star.  Today, we say “there’s more where that came from!”  We made a rustic tree stand to match!  Mostly by ‘we’,  we mean my husband Jay.  See, we have this great arrangement: sometimes he asks me to make him stuff, like a kilt….with TWO days notice. [...]

DIY Rustic Tree Star

DIY Rustic tree star

  This year I changed up my front room tree from Peppermint (see HERE) to Rustic and Woodsy.  I added some awesome plaid ribbon, some DIY burlap ornaments (see HERE), along with a few other rustic ornament treasures; last I wanted a rustic star to top it off.  Wood shims were the cheapest, simplest way [...]

Christmas Fabric Rag Wreath

Christmas Fabric Rag Wreath (2)

Do you remember our Fall Fabric Rag Wreath?  This is simply the Christmas version.  We used this awesome vintage fan grill as a wreath form. We called it a fan GRATE in our Fall wreath post…..we did some more googling and it seems to actually be called a fan GRILL.   Just so we have [...]

JOY Letters and Yarn Tree

JOY Letters and Yarn tree (8)

Happy Monday!  We hope you had a great weekend!  We got some winter/campfire  family pictures taken (can’t wait to see them), hit up Zoo Lights (on possibly the most crowded night of the year…), and watched Home Alone (forgot how much I like that movie!), making for a super fun Christmas-y weekend. Today we are [...]

Easy Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent countdown DIY (11)

Happy December everyone!  Yes, it’s already December and we’re posting an advent calendar….it’s not too late to start a good countdown!  We shared this project over at Fun, Cheap, or Free a couple weeks ago, but wanted to share it here as well.  It is seriously the easiest Christmas craft ever - no special craft [...]

DIY Santa Bags

DIY Santa Bag (6)

Happy December everyone!  It’s time to bust out the wrapping paper and advent calendars!  Today also marks the arrival of our watch elf (aka Elf of the Shelf) Snickerdoodle.  Oh Elf on the Shelf…a curse and a joy.  Luckily our elf is not very mischievous.  She doesn’t make messes, or cause any trouble.  She simply [...]

DIY Burlap Tree Ornament

DIY burlap tree ornament (6)

For the past few years I have had a Peppermint themed tree in my front room, (see it HERE) but I am ready for a little switcharoo!  I wanted a rustic, woodsy, family cabin styled tree. What’s more rustic and woodsy looking than burlap?  So I tried a few techniques (some pretty time consuming==no good), [...]

Home for the Holidays

bloghop3 (1)

We are so happy to be teaming up with some of our blogging friends to help a family in need this holiday season.  We want to do what we can to help them feel HOME for the holidays. Imagine leaving everything you know for the possibility of a better life. Saving and working for 18 [...]